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Thanks for the information.

In my parents room, there isn't any network port but there is an existing set top box.

Is there a difference between using the Ethernet Over Coaxial cable over ethernet cable for the fibre tv?

Will call starhub soon for more information.
Starhub original concept for Ethernet Over Coaxial is for Fibre TV as it do not require high connection speed.

But there should not be much differences as other users are using similar method as mentioned in previous post.

For taking Fibre TV they may provide this conversion FREE as part of the package for 1 Free trunking or conversion.

Also they would provide the IP Switch as indicated in the picture on multiple STB(s).

Let Starhub provide most items FREE in the package and do enquire & confirm with them.
And maybe do a layout with pictures on your current situation for them to understand better and provide the whatever needed.
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