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Anyone have any ideas about the new CIEM jaben recently offered? 1 custom/ One Custom. Uncle winson claims 1 custom / one custom are from Australia. Prices seems reasonable cheap. 3 BA for just $317. But there's no detail / specs for it like configuration, how many low, mid, high, crossover etc.. Honestly though, 1 custom / one custom, 3 BA sounds way better than the 2 ba. I meant a world of different, most people would notice the big difference between them.

So back to the question.. Anyone know or can CSI who are 1 custom?
Was at Adelphi last weekend to check out some HT equipment, happened to walk past Jaben and saw the huge banner advertising this CIEM, couldn't resist so went into check it out.

Price is actually $199 + $50 for ear impression, so total cost is $249, still cheap for a CIEM. Build time currently around 2 months. This is a 2BA model.

The 3 BA model is out for repairs, but I tried the 5 BA model and another model that I can't remember.

But the 2 BA model is my favorite out of the lot by far. Even if this was sold as a universal, I will say that $199 or $249 is a fair price for it. This made it a great bargain as a custom. Won't comment too much on the sound, just that I recommend you try it out if you're in the area.

Will hold off on purchasing it till Canjam in end March, see if can get free ear impressions there haha.
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