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most of us in this thread know about this (iphone nfc at top edge) already, so this is not the prob.
during early days of mobile ABT trial, the readers are terrible - tap iphone (top part) or watch nicely and steadily, the mrt readers gave red light (card error or unknown error). repeatedly tap on the same reader still get red light, until u change to another mrt gantry then can get green light. while some bus readers got no response at all.
the experience was terrible so all of us stop using mobile ABT until now.

but from ur experience, seems like the readers can read iphone and watch smoothly now... i will wait for public launch then only try again to confirm that they have fixed the stability issue.
Hiya, cannot test liao! SMRT & SbsTransit totally turn off the system liao. Yes itís probably good news that trial period is finally over. As usual tune on quietly and turn off quietly so they donít get public backlash.

I just hope they will launch soon as I am hoping for the new Apple Warch 4 will be far more responsive.
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