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No need to hope liao because nobody will be stupid enough to take over this ****. Majority of us chose to believe in the lies of this casino girl before the AGM & attempted EGMs.

Now that nobody wants to do anymore EGM after the few failed attempts, can you please go after those who fight vehemently for the current board? They are the ones who greatly influenced the votes by telling shareholders not to "rock the boat", without realising that the boat is already sinking!

CellOS shareholders are a bunch of morons & I have to suffer from the consequence of their decisions.

Strong words HFL but you speak the truth. Many prominent supporters of JYT influenced other investors. They managed to garner support for her by using their reputations as Lawyers, Judges, Preachers, high profile business men and of course prominent shareholders. You call her an Esther, I think she has the destructive power of a Jezebel.
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