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btw is it worth grinding to build the ultimate keyblade?

the secret cutscene is the post credit cutscene?
I haven't done it yet, only just completed the game. I played on normal and didn't need much extra grinding or forging ultimate keyblade to complete. Only died once in combat through the whole game.

For platinum, I think there is a trophy for ultimate keyblade, so I'll probably do it anyway. Heard that the keyblade is useful in leveling Sora to 99 (since you will want to kill a lot of enemies quickly), which is another trophy. And there are those challenge gates popping up in each world with harder enemies, so it may help.

However I don't think I will go for the plat though. I don't mind the collectibles and farming, but I see the mini-game related trophies I want to give up. So many of those and honestly the mini-games are no fun, especially anything to do with gummi ship, since I have the flight control mapping issue.
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