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Most 1 bedder rental yield are higher due to lower quantum. Basically buy Low.

There’s still rental demand for Shoebox units even at Suburbs like Punggol/Woodlands/Bukit Panjang coz its affordable to rent. In some cases , similar price to renting a neighbouring HDB 3/4 room flat.

For some tenant, for the same price they rather stay in 1 bedroom condo than HDB. As an example, up north a one bedder rent cost around $1.4-$1.5k vs a 3 room HDB $1.5k. Compromise on that extra bedroom for the facilities.

Suburb shoebox are quite affordable too hence the high rental yield.There’s still some Resale suburbs shoebox below 550k. Rent it out for 1.5-1.7k still give u great yield.

;119132692]i must be living in different world.

the condos at the area i looking at no price change since 2013. here someone said bought in 2015, 15% appreciation.

The yield of those condos i looking at is 2.5% to 3%, here someone got 4.5%.

whats the secret???

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