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Strong words HFL but you speak the truth. Many prominent supporters of JYT influenced other investors. They managed to garner support for her by using their reputations as Lawyers, Judges, Preachers, high profile business men and of course prominent shareholders. You call her an Esther, I think she has the destructive power of a Jezebel.
She is both the Jezebel & Delilah in the Bible! Kena sai.....cannot turn CellOS around but still wants to hold on tightly to it.

Save what face? Eventually when CellOS closes down, she still has to face the music! Wait.....maybe, she will blame it on CP again!

Since a number of us went to her Henderson office for the various meetings bashing CP & MT, we can go there to demand for an explanation of the present state of CellOS.

Tel : +65 6463 5525
Email :

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