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Here some hard truth

Only Pes F cannot go ICT,pes E9 can.

Last time Pes E9L9 say not suitable for all physical activities but now they change it to something

Cannot carry heavy stuff,you need excuse heavy load.But for your info,my own experience i have a pem excuse heavy load,told my CSM,he reply say you excuse heavy load but not SBO,you can use a trolley push the sbo,helmet,ask me be thinking soldier.

Defer or not depend on what your unit culture and your CO but i guess your CO will refer you to MO and see whether your MO think you can attend the ict or not.

So my friend,advice to you,book a medical review before the start of your ict(yes some working day)in CV,bring all your medical documents and see MO and see how he can help.

Tried not to in pro during the first day of ict then see CO,must likely he will refer you to MO and you will be in no 4 with all your barang barang report sick let MO review have to wait and waste time but really it up to you lah.

take care

mine is E9..not E9L9..
the link it just says u are suitable for what type of vocation... that didnt answer what type of activities u can do.

but found this

PES E1 - Able to participate in simple observance parades and LIFE activites.

PES E9 - Unfit for any forms of physical activities; field duties/exercises.

PES E grading will be followed by the L-Code (Land Deployment Code) as follows: L9 – Able to bear firearms and protect themselves, others and property. Can be deployed in Combat Support vocations in Main Support Area, and/or Combat Service Support vocations of Brigade HQ and above.

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