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i have been downgrade to PES E9 due to weak heart . can i defer ICT as my heart condition causing my arm to hurt and feel weak .. means i cant carry field pack or SBO... Can i defer ICT totally?
i supposed that u are now an NSmen. Which makes me wonder how is this even a question to you in the first place as you already had completed your NSF stint, meaning that u should had heard or encountered such similar experience.

if u believe that your medical condition does not allow u to perform as what u have said, u need to inform your MO and not asking for deferment. Do not forget that it is your responsibility to update your medical condition!

Otherwise, u can defer this time round. But what about the next? Are u going to defer again and again??

Furthermore since u said u have been downgraded due to your heart condition, means medically u are fit to perform in accordance to the PES description.

Let's not forget you are no longer at the age of an NSmen.
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