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Okay...with extras still less than 10 hours. Replayability?
Replayability depends on how you want to play. Ideally you need to play at least 2 playthroughs. You can play as Leon or Claire in your first run. They meet early in the game, then get separated shortly. So the two will experience the story differently (Leon meets Ada Wong, Claire meets the little girl, etc). After finishing first run, you should do a second run (as the other char) to complete the story.

As both of them occupy the same world concurrently, one's action affects the other. If the first char solves a puzzle and opens a door, the second char doesn't have to (on your second playthru). If the first picks up a shotgun, the second won't see the gun. So your decisions in the first playthru changes the second. Often people will do 4 playthroughs - Leon A, Claire B, Claire A, Leon B (or something like that).

Of cos you can do higher difficulty, go for platinum trophy, speed run, play in tofu mode (your char literally becomes a block of tofu, but can still hold a gun), no-bullets-fired run etc. I made up that last one, don't know can or not, but this is getting into the make-your-own-fun fanboy crazy territory. For normal players, practically 2 to 4 playthroughs is all the replayability you are getting from the game.
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