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That is why we were bought into the lies of the people who sold this trash to us. Even CP was duped, considering the amount she invested.

To make matter worse, JYT was blocking anyone who was trying to understand the actual situation. Suddenly, she is so busy & forever overseas in order to avoid the shareholders. I suspect that there are things which cannot be made known to us.

1 fellow shareholder told me that a handful of christians believe that JYT is the Esther in the Bible to bring us out of this mess. Pui!!! My foot lah....what can an uneducated ah lian contribute to a technological company?
For the sufferings and blood that is on their hands,the bible says that this debt will have to be repaid 70x 70 times,up till their 7 future generations. Beware of taking God's word in vain. I caution them to repent, be humble, ask for forgiveness for their screwup and make things right again before God.
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