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Right, I have an interest, but I feel overwhelmed by the broad range of photography hobby that offers.

In general photography has mainly these aspects:

You are either shooting something that is A: closeup or B: far away

You are either shooting something that is A: stationary or B: moving

You are either shooting something in A: good lightning or B: not good lightning.

The "A" stuff tends to be easier than the "B" stuff. If your shooting subject has more "B" characteristics it's more difficult and requires more specialised gear (thats why people talk about using multiple lenses)

You don't really need to 'try' every kind of photography subject just focus on what you like. It'll be easier to base purchase decisions that way.

I dont understand why you say you are a newbie but then also say you dont know whether you want to spend 15 grand on top-end gear to shoot F1. That's like a person just learning to play the violin casually but at the same time already thinking of owning a million-dollar stradivarius or thinking about their next big gig at the Esplanade. Of course you have to be realistic when you're still starting at the bottom...

The purpose of you taking photos shouldn't be that hard to answer. You said you had 1000 shots on your S7. Actually so do most people. They just take photos for fun and because it's convenient. You can achieve that with your smartphone. You cannot achieve that with a DSLR/Mirrorless because carrying that device around represents extra inconvenience.

A camera, is still a camera, regardless where it is built on. You got to have an eye of what to shoot. Just go out there and take photos.
That is a good advice and you should listen to it before saying your S7 has terrible low light performance and dreaming about whether a "APSC" or whatever can overcome that shortcoming. Do you always shoot in auto? Because your S7 can do more than that.
Look at this person. With a tripod and some software, he found a way to get his S7 to capture the milky way.

If you're a forever auto type of person, who's to say that even with a 'proper' camera, you won't still shoot auto all the time and be too lazy to use manual modes cos of the 'effort' and 'inconvenience', who's to say you wont even bother looking at the lens market and stick to your kit lens forever, then wonder why the images are so underwhelming or maybe not even that much nicer than your smartphone.

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