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Guys pls pls do not engaged monetium leasing (Chinatown point) or ievo. Ievo is basically a platform for getting ur mobile phone, electronics, bags at a installment base payment and the team behind Ievo is monetium leasing that actually set up it. Even mobile shop has it and ask if u all want to do an installment payment. I signed it and agree. So I paid swee swee for 6 month, and on the 6th month we stopped paying for a month, because family got problem need use till money n electricity kena cut off. Tried to talk things out sincerely with them but he send guys up to my place to shout out like loanshark. Man came up ask me pay min $800 if not they won’t leave my place. I say if not I return my phone la to u since I can’t pay n u offered this amt $800 I can’t take out of my pocket because I dun have money at all. Came my place for several times in 1 week. Now they gave me an option to pay $100 for 36 months. Which we already paid $2600++ for 2 phone ($168 + $168) within that 6 months + late fee. late for a day fee $80. So in the end for a calculation I paid $6k + in total for 2 phone. Ridiculous. Pls don’t engaged their service.
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