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I see, thanks for the headsup bro.

Yes, I just read some related issues here too

Actually I am on the 1Gbps plan with M1 and I don't really need a very good router like ac2600. The Asus AC1200G+ served me well for the last 3 years before giving some problems recently.

Am thinking of upgrading to a faster router also to get a higher 5GHz ceiling...currently the AC1200G+ limits to 800Gbps++.

So perhaps AC1750 or AC1900 router suffice. Any recommendation bros??

- Dlink DIR-868L?
- Asus AC68U?
- TP Link c7, c8, c9 AC1750
- Dlink DIR-859?

Range is important to me. I remember years back when I was using the old Asus N56U router, it had trouble reaching my furthest bedroom. Mine is a small apartment so I don't use mesh or repeater. My current AC1200G+ can reach the last bedroom no prob.

Thanks for the advice
I will recommend ac68u, this model well known for stability and good range. Was using the ac68u before upgrading to my ac86u.
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