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Get a 2nd hand camera to start off.

If you get serious in photography, you will switch cameras and gears through your journey.

If you decide to give up, can sell off at around same price you bought. Entry level cameras not easy to sell near 1st hand price cause too many quit so a lot of these cameras in carousell.

I'll recommend Sony a6000 given your budget as a start with a 35mm lens. If you want flexibility, the kit lens should be good enough, but imo, zoom lens are a distraction to learning composition.

Photography is a hands-on skill that you learn through practice. I was humbled and amazed by how many controls and stuff I could do with the Nikon D5600 (my first camera). All the great photos and photographers you see in instagram etc, they took at least 2 years to get good. Any beginner dslr/mirrorless available in market now is more than enough for beginners.

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