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Just curious why ppl here chose to buy 2 rm bto over resale flat? Izzit due to big family too squeezing to stay in parent’s house? Those who bought 2 rm how much do you all earn?
Many ppl encourage singles to buy resale so that can rent out for passive income.
I actually quite like this 2 rm small space for self stay.
One reason is cheaper to finance over the years. The price difference between BTO and resale can be very drastic depending on the location.

BTO is brand new 99 years, resale already have some "age" in them. Plus, if you don't like the internal decoration, may need to spend more money in renovation fees. Whereas for a BTO, you can have some control over the internal decoration and fixtures the first time round before it is even built - i.e. no need to tear down stuff and rebuild stuff again.

Just like buying anything, always buy within your financial means and don't over extend your finances. Else everyday worry about ability to pay mortgage for the rest of your life can be very depressing and stressful. What's the point of living in a big fancy house close to many amenities but under so much financial stress everyday? How is that adding to one's quality of life?
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