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I'll use this analogy to describe easier. Imagine I say I want to start a food restaurant. Food is extremely general. What kind of food? Chinese, Western, Indian, Japanese, Italian, French etc... To makes things worst, Chinese food? What do I want to do? Soups? Stir Fried? Cantonese Food? Dim Sum?. I believe this analogy is the same as photography.
It is also the same in the sense that if you havent decided what kind of cuisine you want to specialise in, you wouldn't already be going out to ask people what kind of cooking equipment or ingredients to buy, that is jumping the gun quite a bit. It's like saying "recommend me an oven but actually do I really want to be a baker I dont know".

That's why asking people for camera brand/model recommendations is quite pointless when you sound more like you're still at the stage deciding on whether you even want a camera or not.

With all the hesitation and second-guessing I don't see how anybody's recommendation can even be useful other than "buy a second hand unit that is within your budget".

Didn't you already say you went to the shop to see fuji/canon/sony? What will you do then? Try your last option Nikon and if still cannot, then give up and conclude that handling a camera body is not your cup of tea? (I assume olympus/panasonic being non APSC are dealbreakers for your criteria).

Even if I lose total interest in photography, I can still use the A6000 as a general camera to snap photos with the kit lens. In that case, I can actually survive with a mid range smart phone with below average camera, and lug around the A6000 as a proper camera.
I feel that this is a bit of a contradictory statement.

If you lose interest in photography, you likely won't use the A6000 for anything, period. Your 'general camera' will revert back to being the only thing that you bother carrying all the time 100%, your smartphone. The A6000 becomes the thing that is too troublesome to bring, rather than the thing you love to use for photography.

I can guarantee you that you will never carry your mirrorless with you around all the time. It's not like a smartphone where it's a 'convenience' device that is so easy to slip into your pocket all the time it's like bringing your wallet/house keys. You have to make a conscious effort just to 'lug around' the camera. Do you know camera bags are a thing? You have to bring along a bag with you all the time just to store the camera unless you want it dangling from your neck constantly.

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