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Its free 6 months out of 24 months. Also free HBO for 6 months. No better time to change i guess.

If you had additional starhub box that is required. Will need to do the trunking and it cost S$107 which i opted out. This is just to lay the cat 6 cable from your ONT to your desired room that requires the trunking.

The IP switch then will have to negotiate with starhub by telling them that you already had the additional trunking and only need to configure the IP switch to connect. Else just whack them and say that they just come to plug and play, need to pay S$107.

What i know is that it will provide an IP address from the port 2 of the fiber optic box.
The Fibre TV service IP Address is to manage & control your subscribed channels, and including the subscriber address or ONT network.

Unlike Cable STB uses SmartCard and they include address later on.
As decades ago i managed to subscribe & move another Cable STB with SmartCard to another address and able to watch the same.

The IP is available to know & see if you go to the STB settings info & details.
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