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The way I look at what has happened here with this trial can be mirrored by what has been going on in the US for the last 2 years. The Democrates and the Mueller investigation started a witch hunt using the wrong premise. For all of the time, hearings, money and media support they have found nothing to prove their was any collusion with the Russians. So now they are changing their accusations to say it just isn’t right that he(the President) can be allowed to get away with it. What is ‘it’. He has done nothing wrong.

The CellOS Lawyers would be able to get a job pleading the Democrates case, because from what has happened here in Australia they sure know how to attack innocent people, and this was very evident when on the first day the trial started they changed their pleadings against the other defendants, and then went on to change it again many times during the trial. Each time they changed their Attack was because the evidence was going against them. Until finally on the last day of the trial the judge gave them ‘One More Chance’ (overnight) to come up with something better. They couldn’t and the judge ruled against them, exonerating the defendants, 100%. How humiliating for the prosecution and CellOS. How devastating it has been for the shareholders who believed in JYT to deliver them.......fools.
All these at shareholders' expense! Any idea if major shareholders are taking the current board to task?
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