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for tv box, latest os is not the best os.

at the moment, ver 5.1 is the best .
In reality it is hard to find new TV boxes running Android 5.x now, most of the new boxes are running Android 6.x, 7.x and 8.x.

And really old boxes run Android 4.x and they are not compatible with many apps.

BTW, Mi Box S comes with Android 8. Older Mi Box Global version comes with Android 6 but offers Android 8 upgrade.

For cheap generic boxes with Amlogic S905W CPU like Tanix TX3 Mini and TX3 Max, they usually run Android 7.1. Same for the boxes using S912 CPU.
For newer S905X2 based boxes, usually they run Android 8.x.

Another popular CPU is Rockchip RK3328 and they usually run Android 7.1 or 8.x.

A few boxes are using Allwinner H6 and they seem to run Android 7.1.

Most of the apps should be okay with Android 6/7, 8 should not be too bad as well. 9 is too new and yes I can see there are some compatibility problems with Android 9.

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