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I believe this is a common misconception about eyechecks.

Eyechecks are NOT done for free.

Most shop do it for ''free'' if you make a pair of glasses or Contact lens.
Our eyes are important just like our health. A good example is e.g. we see a doctor for a body/health check, we still have to pay a consultation fee or even for a quick check at the dentist.

We,Optometrist and Opticians also study, train and make sure we are qualified before coming out to the field to practice. Thus it's not some ''Chapalang''/unqualified individual that is checking your eyes.

Our eyes are really important thus we make sure that we put our utmost best in the refraction and analysis all the time.

I hope this clears up all about the notion too
I'm sorry I thought eye check is to get degree
yesterday zoff at orchard central had a sign that offered free

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