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Just want to know, how many of you are paid to post reviews for this sineoji, seems to be OVERLY positive reviews and seems to be the ONLY camera talked about at all.

Are there other recommendations? or is this really the most multipurpose brand out there?

that said can someone recommend me a pair of cameras under 150?
doesnt need to be wall mounted table top will make me happy
No one is paid to post reviews for Sineoji here, we bought the Sineoji camera and tested it with our own money, we reviewed and feedback here so that people know how effective and good it is, there are many brands but i can tell you that Sineoji is one of the best i've use.

Sineoji can be place on table too, i'm currently using 3 sineoji cams and it's serving me very well, no harm giving it a try and Dean is a very knowledgeable and helpful guy
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