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Everyone.. help.. What should I do now? They threaten the one I given number to them of my colleague. And post hes identity in malaysia biggest group and said wanted to find him and his mom and dad. And want his body dead and will post on fb.
Your colleague reported to Police already? He also a WP holder?

Please be aware that the NEW LAW which banned WP Holder "forever" if found out borrowed from AL. So you have to consider very carefully if your NOK or you need to report. To catch a person they need to have solid evidence that an illegal act has been done. A call from a stranger located in overseas saying they "intend" do something is not considered as a solid evidence.

You and your NOK all have to do is disabled/offline/take down ALL social media pictures/FB/INSTAGRAM/anything online which have your NOK or your picture.

NOK to change mobile numbers if necessary. Be prepared to receive calls on all of the contact numbers you have given to the AL.

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