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The camera is good and the app that came with it is good. Bought the camera recently online and requested for installation(dec promo and it came with free installation). The first red flag was the delivery fee. I opted for installation and I don't understand why I had to pay an extra fee for them to deliver the camera to me. I am aware that it clearly stated that there's a special fee for delivery but I never understood the logic. I went down to sim lim and collected it myself.

The second red flag was the extra charge for the power cable extension. It was around $12(I can't really recall). It was also stated that there was a fee for it on the website and I clarified it via their facebook and they told me it was $12 and I said okay no issues. The wait was a month (totally understandable since many people ordered it) and on the installation day they came to my house and knocked on the door but no one opened the door and this was my fault as my dad was sleeping and didn't wake up. They tried to contact me but I was having a meeting and my phone was at airplane mode. This was my fault. I tried to contact them to reschedule they said they would charge me an extra $20-$30(?).

I denied to pay for rescheduling and apologised to them for coming down for no reason. I bought the power extension cable from lazada for $6 and installed myself(wall mounted) within 10 minutes.
All in all, I won't patronize it like the others over here. I believe this shop in sim lim will try to milk out as much money from you. The camera is good and I would recommend you to buy from challenger or go down to sim lim yourself and get it. As for the power extension cable, you can just search it in aliexpress or lazada , "dc power cable micro usb","wifi ip camera dc cable". There are many dc power cables and my camera uses the 3.5mm size.
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