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Hi Bro, thanks for highlighting your concerns. When you order online with delivery service, your cameras will be delivered by a courier service to your doorstep and this are paid to the courier service. Usually it takes 2 to 4 days to reach you. That's the reason why you are paying for the delivery service to the courier service. However , if you self collect, then is free. Installers are not courier service, they basically come over and do the necessary mounting and installation and off they go to the next appointment.

At that point of time, should you wish to reschedule your installation appointment, you may do so before they come over. There will be no charges at all.. however, the moment they are at your doorstep which they have made a journey there and no one is answering at the door, they have wasted a trip especially you are residing in Jurong West. They have to make a subsequent trip again for which the transportation charges applies.

As you know the installation schedule is very full, many customers are on the wait list and we cannot afford to have several customers with no show the moment when they arrive at your doorstep as this could have been given to the next customer on the wait list for the installation. However, if you reschedule your appointment a day prior to the installation date, then this transportation charges will not be applicable.

Hope this clarifies.
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