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The present board is 100% accountable for current predicament of Cellos.
We need a someone who is willing to stand up and take the current board to task by reporting to the relevant authorities for the continual silence and blatant disregard of shareholders queries .....they are using the shareholders money and running Cellos like their own private company.
This is not right. Absolutely not right. Could any of you advise how we should go about to have our grievances heard?? Can we, as shareholders, petition for an AGM. Cellos is many AGMs late. I wonder how much money were spent on lawyers delaying the AGM. There must be a lot of perceived questions that the board was afraid of or have no rightful answers.
You donít need money or Lawyers to complain about the misconduct of the companyís board of directors. Go to this link and follow the guidelines. They talk about reporting to the appropriate authority, but in our case the appropriate authority for mismanagement and inappropriate conduct by the board is relevant to ASIC only.
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