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Heard that CellOS once hosted a investor presentation in SG few years ago where they were selling the shares which originated from a charity which jason supported. Not sure if people bought into it
You are correct but interestingly the recent court hearing did not consider Child and Family Foundation were party to any wrong doings. The board of directors approved its facilitation and initially advanced shares for it to onsell. See below for an exert from the Judges ruling.

“Child and Family Education Foundation Pte Ltd (Child and Family Foundation)

Child and Family Foundation is not a party to these proceedings. Child and Family Foundation purchased 3,110,000 CellOS shares from early investors and it sold 9,125,755 CellOS shares to private investors.
Mr Huber accepted that Child and Family Foundation were selling shares on his behalf. It transferred 615,745 CellOS shares directly to his personal company, Swallow Limited (registered on 5 September 2013) (Swallow).”
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