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Hereís a step by step for the multiple tv setup.
All these are workarounds, donít expect support from Starhub. But it does work.
I'm totally not a networking expert. Just wondering out loud whether any of the following is possible:

- To connect Port 1 and 2 output from Starhub into some sort of router that will combine both signals/networks

- Connect the router (carrying combined signal) to a switch that is connected to ethernet points throughout the home

- Remove the FibreTV tagging from the ports so all packets will be carried to all ethernet points

- Each ethernet point will carry all packets (both for fibre tv and internet).

- Up to device connected to each ethernet point to decide which packets they require (e.g. Fibre TV set-top box will only use the Fibre TV packets and computers/laptops will use the internet packets)

Just thinking out loud. Suspect the Fibre Set-Top box requires their packets to be tagged to work properly.
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