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Just wondering out loud whether any of the following is possible:
- To connect Port 1 and 2 output from Starhub into some sort of router that will combine both signals/networks
Yes, except that router is a switch, more specifically a smart switch which allows vlan tagging.
I suppose you could get a router which lets you vlan tag its ports, but ....

- Connect the router (carrying combined signal) to a switch that is connected to ethernet points throughout the home
Yes, the smart switch does that, combine iptv and internet traffic, and it can be to other switches throughout the home via a single trunk.

- Remove the FibreTV tagging from the ports so all packets will be carried to all ethernet points

- Each ethernet point will carry all packets (both for fibre tv and internet).
?? All packets will be carried to all ports but ports need to be tagged with the vlan id it need to let through.

- Up to device connected to each ethernet point to decide which packets they require (e.g. Fibre TV set-top box will only use the Fibre TV packets and computers/laptops will use the internet packets)

Just thinking out loud. Suspect the Fibre Set-Top box requires their packets to be tagged to work properly.
That's why you need the smart switch so that you can tag the ports which will allow iptv or internet traffic through. On the switch you can tag as many as you want for iptv or internet, but only the port linking the switches will carry both. The device doesn't 'decide which packets they require', rather you have to tell which port you want to use for the device, by tagging it accordingly.

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