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I'm totally not a networking expert. Just wondering out loud whether any of the following is possible:

- To connect Port 1 and 2 output from Starhub into some sort of router that will combine both signals/networks

- Connect the router (carrying combined signal) to a switch that is connected to ethernet points throughout the home

- Remove the FibreTV tagging from the ports so all packets will be carried to all ethernet points

- Each ethernet point will carry all packets (both for fibre tv and internet).

- Up to device connected to each ethernet point to decide which packets they require (e.g. Fibre TV set-top box will only use the Fibre TV packets and computers/laptops will use the internet packets)

Just thinking out loud. Suspect the Fibre Set-Top box requires their packets to be tagged to work properly.
Starhub would most probably prefer to run differently from Singtel.

That is the separation of internet and TV signal to different ports for their easy management & control purpose.
Hence ONT Port-1 for Internet/Router and ONT Port-2 for TV signal which cannot be mixed at ONT device, with preset settings.

Singtel is using vlan settings to manage both internet & TV signal/bandwidth where it also required router to have vlan settings to separate both bandwidth when output to their STB (set top box).
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