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Hope it works well for you.

Talking about PS4 gadgets, let's add one more that I can't do without:

Each set comes in a pair (L2 and R2). There are different colors, and transparent ones too.

To install, hold down L2 (or R2), hook the corresponding trigger extender onto the top of L2 (or R2), then push the extender in so it clicks at the button. Pretty simple. Once in a while, L2 or R2 may sort of automatically get pressed when you play game, but usually works fine. They make the controller more comfortable to use.

Search Aliexpress for "ps4 trigger extender". Of cos there's also the joystick thumb grip caps, must-haves for protecting the mushroom top of the analog sticks.
joystick thumb grip caps is a must have for me. i always find the top of the analog sticks too smooth.
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