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Hi guys I need some help on IP camera and total novice here
I want to get Sineoji based on the positive reviews here. And at 129-159 I find price reasonable also. I know the camera has SD card slot and records directly to it. Based on this recording feature, will it affect my internet in any way? I presume recording to SD will be seamless and localised and does not use any network resources at all. Only when u choose to view footage over wifi does it consume your bandwidth. Am I correct to say this?

Secondly, how is the night recording function of VT716? This is the model I have shortlisted. Will footage be blurry or pixelated at night?

Thank you
While the camera is locally recording to the microsd card inserted into the camera, it does not consume your network resources. Only when you viewed via the app to playback the history of the recording , then it takes up the bandwidth.

Here is a screenshot of the 716v in night vision mode taken from Sineoji .

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