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Ask u guys opinion ah.
Yesterday I kenah one booking
Pickup at block 101
Go to location (road name only)
Then come back to block 101
But pickup that time notes ask me go another block instead
Reach there the customer call again and emphasize go another block
Then come down is the maid
Then is send her to location to the road
Reach there she keep saying further up further up
End up is go to a school fetch a kid
(She drop off and came back)
Waited about 7 min in between
Then go back to location block 101
Reach there she tell me no no go to another block
Total booking $20

Should I have charge $5 for change pickup location
Another $5 for change drop off location
Another $3 for waiting in between?

Canít help but feel like kenah short change a bit
Personally, Biz is biz..... Frds and or related still got gam cheng can don't charge. They are not related to you anyway. Charge accordingly!
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