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i started maxigain last year as a way to diversify when there is no minimum 70k to get the base interest (70% of sibor), so i enjoyed both the base and bonus interest till dec last year.

i just hit counter 12 last month but base bonus interest no more. now only 1.2% from now on.

for someone who wants risk-free returns, i would recommend to deploy excess of 50K (placed in dbs multiplier) into SSB first. when the time comes when you have enough for 55k topup, then transfer from SSB into maxigain.

for someone who can take up some risk, i would recommend to invest into ssb, indexes, equities and reits for capital and dividends income. you probably will get more returns than parking 70k into a savings account.
I did some calculations and concluded that parking 70k for 12 months straightaway is still preferable and less hassle.

70k*(70%*1.8%+0.6%(avg counter over 12 mths))=$1302 versus
55k*2% SSB+15k*0.6%(avg counter over 12 mths)=$1190
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