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Did PS+ 12mths subscription increased price till $60? I rmb i paid $42 for 12+3 mths back in Apr 2018 or so.

Also, shopee qisahn is selling at $47 and with a 15% discount, it works out to be $40 for 12 mths. Still a better deal?
US PS+ was US$50 a year or so ago, now US$60. Recent sale was US$40.

Asia PS+ is S$43.90. Recent CNY sale get 3 additional months free (ie. 12+3 for S$43.90).

Now both US and Aisa having promo, buy 12 mths PS+ (at usual price of US$60 or S$43.90), get Rainbow Six Siege game for free.

Why US PS+ more expensive than Asia? Cos typically US got more benefits, like better/more monthly free games, US store has better (and more frequent) sales and PS+ members get more discounts. (A lot of titles, especially indie games, are not even available on Asia store.)
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