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Hi Everyone,

This morning peak hr kena one GS, 5KM reaching her destination. Suddenly kena another pickup, she cow father cow mother. Tell me cancel the other ping, wa lao, want to take GS kena ping also keep screaming. Jin jia lay lei.

2days ago kena a abnn gs at 6.30pm at bayshore tell me 7pm need to reach little India for prayers.. Told him another 2 match to pick up not sure can reach before 7pm..
Keep kpkb till I stop car ask him to alight n cancel if in a rush,he Chua sai and say its OK ask me just proceed..

Nowadays my protocol 1st thing ask whether they in a rush for any grabshare job.. If yes please cancel..

Grabshare magnet nowadays, 6 out of 13 job ysd are grabshare.
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