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Is there a particular reason why you need to wait for DDR5? I feel a lot of people want the newest, but I do question the benefit. While DDR5 will appear to be faster, the latencies will also increase drastically. For example, the first gen DDR4 is only 2133, and because of the significant increase in latency, it is actually slower than a DDR3 running at 1866 and with a tighter timing. Also if you look at the current processors, I would believe none of the processors, regardless of AMD or Intel is benefiting significantly from those rams running at 3600 or more in real life usage. It looks wonderful from memory specific benchmarks for most users, that's all.

The reason is simple.

Because it will push the prices down for DDR 4 RAMs.

I already know about the practical limits for DDR5 and from this point on it's going to be a large marketing gimmick

But with a frenzy going after DDR5 I can quietly sneak some DDR4 RAMs for myself.
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