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Currently using Crizal lens. I need to start using progressive lens as I cannot see near things clearly. Eg. on my phone. I need to take out my specs.

I am around 250-300 deg shortsighted, with some astig on both eyes, around 75-100?

Can anyone recommend a good progressive lens to start and that's not too ex?

I have a pair of Hugo frames hence I only need the lens, I didn't want to go Ownsday, the last pair that I made there, supposedly to block blue light. It turned yellowish after 6 mths.

I went to W optics and was quoted around 450 for a basic progressive lens from Essilor

And also if Anyone knows who still sells Tag Heur frames in SG? Thanks in Advance.
Hi Bro,

A pair of 1.50 index progressive lens with basic design starts from $180.
Depending on your needs, you can also choose to top up & have Add-ons like:
  • Higher index for even thinner lenses
  • Wider Angle lenses
  • Colour changing lenses (E.g. Transitions, Photochromic)
  • HEV Light (Blue) Filter (E.g. Asahi-Lite UV3G, Tokai Lutina)
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