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Whats a good VPN to use for both daily and also gaming? (mainly WoW, Dota 2 etc.)
For online gaming you need a VPN with good ping. If you check a couple previous pages in this thread you'll see many different recommendations. I personally use Surfshark, I get 10 ping on most of their servers and it rarely changes, without a VPN my ping is 3ms. I played LOL and Diablo 3 on it. Another thing is they have Whitelister, if you don't need a VPN on for some games (but don't want to turn it off) you can whitelist them and their traffic will go through ISP servers. I think both of these are good for gamers, plus it's cheap, below I posted a working coupon for a good discount.

From what I've heard ExpressVPN performs well when it comes to gaming. It's pretty expensive but overall a high quality service with huge community base. And search around for other gaming-friendly VPNs, it's best to do a comparison and pick the one that suits your needs most.

Edited: I see VyprVPN is ranked highly for gaming too, haven't used that so can't comment, maybe worth a check.

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