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Thank you so much Xiaofan for your help...

Ya. I sent the QR code to my friend and he tried...

And this is what he see ...

And this is what I received as a Service Message:
I see. It may be true that Tencent again tightens the rules for Wechat pay. This workaround worked for me in December 2018.

You may want to try 3rd party service to see if they work for you.

Edit to add: just tried this with my testing wechat account which can not receive ang bao but used to be able to receive money through QR code, the same message poped up. So indeed Wechat plugs the loophole and this workaround no longer works.

On the other hand my main wechat account which can receive ang bao still can receive money using QR code. So this rule seems to only apply to new accounts for now. YMMV.

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