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Any recommended VPN for kugou music? I assume free vpn is useless lol
Try free Transocks 穿梭 VPN and it should work for QQ Music and Kugou Music. Also take note that Xiami music does not need VPN. Personally I paid for QQ Music VIP 绿钻豪华版 and then no need VPN already.

For China geo-blocked content basically you have only three good choices.

1) Transocks ads supported free version and Pro paid version.
2) SpeedIn free line and paid VIP line
3) ChinaTunnel VPN paid

Among the two free choices Transocks ads supported version is the best.

For SpeedIn, free line is not good, you can check in to get 30 minutes VIP line access per day. Paid version of SpeedIn is cheaper than Transocks.

ChinaTunnel was free and the best for Android but required root access and now the free service stopped. The author started the ChinaTunnel VPN paid service and you can try it as well.

Ref: some other relevant info for China geo-blocked Entertainment contents

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