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As mentioned in the above, new users are still better to buy TV boxes like Nvidia Shield TV and Mi Box S which runs official Google certified Android TV OS and has built-in YouTube 4k, Netflix 4k and Chromecast 4k support.

If you do not want to pay for high price box like Nvidia Shield TV and do not like Mi Box S for some reason (say low system storage, no SD card expansion, only one USB port and no Ethernet), and you do not need Netflix and Chromecast function, then you can consider those based on S905X2 on the medium end and S905W on the lower end.

Tanix TX5 Max, Beelink GT1 Mini are two examples of S905X2 box, usually these boxes have 4GB RAM and 32/64GB storage.

Tanix TX3 Max and TX3 Mini are two examples of S905W based box, buy only the 2GB/16GB version.

Ref: S905X2 boxes comparison, the author recommends Beelink GT1 Mini and Tanix TX5 Max.

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