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Just tried to install different apps on my rooted H96 Max Plus RK3328 based box (4GB/64GB version) running mobile phone version of Android 7.1.

SingTel TV Go can be installed but immediately quit saying the box is rooted.

Starhub Go can be installed and seems to work fine but I do not have the account to log in so can not really test.

Viu can be used but totally not usable.

Toggle can be installed and seems to run fine even though it is warning about potential incompatibility.

TVB Anywhere SG can be installed as well and seems to work but I do not have account to try out.
Somewhat the same for the other H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912 based 3GB/32GB generic box running Android 7.1, except Viu and TVB Anywhere SG. The box is rooted. Out of my 4 generic boxes this is the best. Still it is not recommended because you can buy Mi Box S at similar price. Or you can buy S905X2 based newer boxes, or better brand S912 boxes like Tanix TX92.

SingTel TV Go -- exit immediately

Starhub Go -- seems to work but not able to test. Edit: tested with Hub ID and free content seems to work.

Toggle -- working fine

Viu -- seems to work fine.

TVB Anywhere SG -- not able to install, saying not compatible

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