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I'd just finished KH3 last night at 34 hours and what a long chain of multiple touching and shocking scenes that finally conclude "The Dark Seeker Saga" with a satisfying ending that I'll remember for a long time. Time to work on the optional portions.

However, the biggest letdown was the difficulty mode. I find it really easy (even on Standard Mode) as I don't feel challenged at all, even when facing the final bosses. I think I only died like twice in the whole game. Out of curiosity, I YouTube-d about Proud Mode (highest difficulty available) and I found that many still find it not challenging enough. 1 guy just Shotlock the final boss once on Proud Mode and he's dead. Bummer.

So, for those who are going to start playing it soon can perhaps just go for the highest difficulty else it may become a blind button smashing combat experience. I hope they will adjust the difficulty modes appropriately in future games.
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