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How much do u pay for a 3 bedder Airbnb? >Rm200 per night?

U can get an average hotel room for like rm50 a night dude.
Yeah that time I went peak period, paid about RM300+ for my Airbnb per night. Which was about the same price as booking hotel 2 rooms for the same period. And it's the usual big hotels that Singaporeans always like to book while in Malacca, not the out of the way ones.
Of course my Airbnb got more space to move around for that price la. Tabao snacks go back, sit in the living room, watch TV, eat.

Hotel room always end up sit on the bed and eat and not much space to move around. The feeling is worse than SG pigeonhole.

But I understand what you mean la especially in Malaysia, Airbnb might not be the best deal because their hotel prices are very competitive.
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