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Somewhat the same for the other H96 Pro Plus Amlogic S912 based 3GB/32GB box running Android 7.1, except Viu and TVB Anywhere SG.

SingTel TV Go -- exit immediately
Starhub Go -- seems to work but not able to test
Toggle -- working fine
Viu -- seems to work fine.
TVB Anywhere SG -- not able to install, saying not compatible
Thanks for the evaluation. This gives Starhub Go app users like myself some hope that there is a Android box out there that can support that app.

Two reasons why I still rather use the Android box option instead of just leasing a second Starhub Set top box for my 2nd TV or using Google Cast on my Sony smart TV.

1) The starhub Set top box required a dedicated Ethernet connection for TV signal, hence need to install a Ethernet switch at my modem port #1. Cannot share the Ethernet from my other "regular" Ethernet points near that TV location. Not an issue if I use an Android Box with Ethernet connection.

2) Google Cast requires a couple of steps before I could view on the TV screen. For unknown reasons, 1 out of 3 attempts resulted in only a small screen appearing on my TV instead of full screen. Had to stop the cast and re-do the steps, sometimes a few times before succeeding. (Using Wifi for my handphone and only Ethernet for my TV, both on the same Fibre network)

By the way, you mentioned H96 Pro Plus and H96 Max, are these the actual model names of the Android box itself or referring to the generic types?


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