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I'm a first-timer buyer so I'm a total novice. I'd like to seek some advice from fellow forumers.

I'm looking at the following models:

1. Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo ($117,999):
My favorite exterior design among all and it was love at first sight. I've never been a fan of Civic look until this model came out.

2. Civic Type R ($184,999):
Similar as the normal but with wilder look and, of course, horsepower. If I own this, will definitely do some track days at Sepang.

3. Mazda 6 2.5 Premium ($144,800, Promo Price $129,800, promo interest: 1.88%):
I'm no big fan of the design but wife likes it. I've heard good words about it on international forums but the user ratings on sgcarmart seems very low (maybe due to small sample size). The current promotion looks incredible and according to the sales person, it will end after Feb.

4. Camry 2.0 ($143,900): Least favorite exterior for both my wife and me. But as far as I know, a Toyota should be a safe buy so I put one model here.

I think we can afford all these options although the Type R will eat into our savings a bit more. And I'm 29 yo with 1.5 yrs license age. We don't have kids or parents to drive around with.

My wife values these aspects in decreasing order of importance, it would be great if you could comment on these axes.
1. Ease of selling as in how fast we can sell it at a good price point (we will probably sell it after 5/6 years)
2. Depreciation as a percentage of the selling price.
3. Exterior look and feel
4. Durability
4. Comfortability
5. Long-term costs - maintenance, insurance, fuel efficiency

My current preference purely based on exterior design is:
1. Mazda 6 (wife factor, and the promotion looks really attractive)
2. Civic Type R (this can be 1st if resellability is as good as Mazda 6)
3. Civic
4. Camry

Thank you in advance!
Mazda and Camry is different class although they are same cat B COE. I would pick Mazda or Camry if compare to Civic.
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