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Doubt you can watch via Android (TV) box as Starhub Go App may have no license or requirement on these devices and those rooted as well.

1) Starhub has this > Ethernet Over Coaxial Converter (EOCC) for Fibre TV
That's if your premise has cable coaxial points in the designated locations.
Yeah, confirm cannot run the Starhub Go App on my Sony Android TV. When I spoke to Starhub Technical helpdesk 2 weeks back, they said can!! They need to be updated on this.

Thanks for the suggestion but during my renovation of the study room where my 2nd TV is located, I have wired two Ethernet cables into that room from the Ethernet distribution box. The issue is that I need to split the Starhub "TV" signal from my Starhub modem port #1 using a Ethernet Switch. Means I will need to buy the switch. The switch will send one signal to my Set top box in living room and the other to the future Set top box in my study room. I cannot share the Ethernet "TV" signal with my regular Ethernet cable I use for PC Internet, etc.
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