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Using Google WiFi.

Yeah will drop Dean a message
so yes i contacted Dean and i have to say i am very happy with his after sales service (mind you i was a customer many years ago and not recently), i now have my cameras connected to my new network!

so just to share how I resolved my issue (in case others would be changing to Google Wifi)

before i start i would like to note that I have 2 pucks (1 connected to the modem and the other running as mesh)

so basically if you were to switch to Google Wifi the best course of action is to connect your camera to any puck (be it the one connected to the router or the mesh one, provided both pucks have been set up for your network already) and power on the camera

having done this the cameras would be able to be found via the app when you search for them, be sure to change your respective camera(s) wifi settings to make sure they can connect to your Wifi network and they should be fine.

do hope the above helps
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