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If they keep xtfr w/o ur consent, can we withdraw that amount and pass to SPF as evidence?
For me it was $980, intent to make report. Have not tell my intention to cancel loan to LS.
Not sure how they will react becoz they expect $1.46k. What if they refuse to take back the $980 & instead xtfr more?
I'm trying to keep my sanity in check.
Are you still in contact with them? When are you supposed to return the $1.46k?

Some experiences from victims here are as follows:-

1) if you tell them you want to cancel loan, they will tell you there’s cancellation fees.
2) if you want to return the money back to them, they will say you transferred to wrong account la, need cash deposit la, transfer different amount to different account, etc and you got to redo the transfer back. All these excuses is after you had made the transfer back to them.

Do report to SPF and be vigilant. Be prepared for harassments but do stay calm and strong.
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